Paris, beginning of january 3 weeks in helpx selfportrait miniplanet Almighty Summit estate Sophrologie Toulouse recyclerie Repeyre (in french)
jonglage 360

Paris, beginning of january

Some photos of paris in january

3 weeks in helpx

3 weeks of helpx in Dordogne :  

jonglage 360

selfportrait miniplanet

Since 2013 I made stitched images, I was able to realized some personal selfportrait. I am able to realize the same kind of portrait for you (family fun or professional to see different side of your work), don’t hesitate to ask me for more informations.   Photo Gallery Slideshow

Almighty Summit estate

One photo reportage I made in BC, Canada.

Sophrologie Toulouse

One performance I realized in last december. The website is here.

recyclerie Repeyre (in french)

Je continue (lentement mais surement) ma série sur les alternatives, avec un petit passage dans une recyclerie de Sud Gironde, la recyclerie Repeyre de Belin-Béliet. Qu’est qu’une recyclerie ou ressourcerie ? C’est une structure qui permet la réutilisation d’objets ou le recyclage plutôt que l’envoi de nos objets en décharge ou incinérateur. En effet, dans […]